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Ernie Miller Park Sunday Nature Programs

Bring the family to Ernie Miller Nature Center on Sunday afternoons this winter for entertainment and educational experiences. Programs are presented by Park Naturalists, Park Police Officers and Volunteers. Presentations begin at 2 pm and are approximately 45 minutes to 1 hr. in length. Ages 2 and under free. For more information call (913) 764-7759.

1 - 45 min. program - $3 per person; including adults. Paid at site.

Ever stepped in smelly scat from an animal and thought, “Yuck, whose poop is that?”  Yes, I said poop.  If you want to be scientific, call it scat. All scat tells a story; unlock the hidden secrets of an animal’s life. Learn to identify our local critters by their scat and tracks.  See live animals that make the nature center their home.

BIRDS OF PREY (Jan. 15) -
By day or night, out of the sky flies a rodent’s nightmare, the birds of prey. Join our interpretive staff as they show why rodents fear these great birds. Using live birds, participants will see up close examples of these magnificent raptors and their special adaptations.

Take a different look at some of the not-so-glamorous animals found in our park such as spiders, snakes, and skunks. These critters may not be loveable to all, but learn why they are important to our lifestyles and environment. Live snakes and spiders will be displayed.

KANSAS  SYMBOLS (January 29) -
Celebrate Kansas’ Statehood Day, January 29!  Can you name the Kansas Symbols?  See some of the natural symbols live and in person, including live animals.



Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Discover predators large and small that call Kansas home.  What predators are here now and what has been here in the past? Are there mountain lions or bears here? Why are they important parts of healthy ecosystems?  Learn the answers to these questions and what to do if you encounter one of these magnificent creatures. See and touch real wolf, coyote, bobcat, and bear fur.  Examine skulls, teeth, and tracks.  Meet two live predators!

SNAKES ALIVE (Feb. 12) -
Why is it that these creatures seem so terrifying? Could all the stories you have heard about snakes be true? See Kansas snakes as we explore the facts and fallacies of these legless wonders of the natural world.

Photographing plants, animals and, landscape can be a wild adventure!  What makes a good photograph?  Discover how to compose beautiful works of art and memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.  Learn from nature photographer and see amazing photos from the Nature Center, Kansas City Zoo, Yellowstone, Africa, and more. This hour long session will focus on basic skills for beginner photographers. Bring your camera to take a picture of an owl!  Recommended for ages 8 and up.

WILDLIFE WEBS (Feb. 26) - This presentation will feature live animals and reveal the mysteries of the food chain. Children of all ages will enjoy discovering the importance and habits of each animal and its place in nature.


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